The Agency


Our agency is receptive to all our clients, we listen carefully to their demands to be sure to satisfy them. To meet their requirement, we have a creative and daring point of view and we do it through an innovative way.

We care about the large choice of festival we give to our audience. Our mission is to find the festival that will fit you the most.
We write reports and critics about them to give you the opportunity to have a panoramic view about what is happening in the festivals world.


The goal of our website is to talk about music festivals, give our opinion concerning the locations, the organisations, the artists, the atmosphere and their communication strategy. Helping our community to have their own views about them.

We target students between 18 and 29 years because these are the public of most music festivals. This dynamic part of the web population wants to discover new places to party and go on holidays. We give them informations about the new exciting festivals, each crazier than the next!

What’s the difference with our rival? We are young and festival-goer so, we are more able to understand the client who is the same. We know how it’s work nowadays and what is the best to do for a festival to attract people. Moreover, some of us work in the music and party world, we have experience in this domain.

Clients should visit our website rather than another one because we are fully independent. That means that we have an unbiased point of view, and that our only objective is to advise you, not to make profits with partnerships. We develop a dynamic and pleasant website to make your long researches on it enjoyable.